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Steamy Comic-strip Stories from Zack

"BIKE BOY will appeal to a special audience as is evident by not only the cover art but by the titles of the four stories graphically presented in this book from Bruno Gmünder.


Featuring the original Bike Boy celebrating his 18th birthday in every way he can; Tender Bait; BDSM in Slaves To Lust; and Puerto Ricans on the on the loose in Teasy Meat.


Four terriific comic-strip stories from the master!


Paperback 96 pages


Published August 12, 2011

Praise for Bike Boy


These four stories are presented with a keen sense of humor and tongue in cheek twists that make them a resource for students in illustrative art to discover how far illustration can succeed in the media. All types are here as the titles of the four sections suggest. As the header on the back cover suggests 'Plunge into a world of graphic stories, where hot guys get more sexy fun and games than they ever hoped for..!' This book is directed toward the audience that appreciates the art of comic book illustration as well as the audience that looks forward to the suggestive pleasures of Zack's art!

Grady Harp, Amazon


Even if you already have the Meatmen issues where most of these stories previously appeared, you'll want to pick up this edition to complete your collection since the illustrations are in full color and include some additional panels. Nothing is left to the imagination in the hot steamy scenes so you'll see every detail as "smooth and slender boy meat" discover the joys of finding partners that won't let them get away with being a tease.

Contradiction, Amazon


His juicy and heavenly horny stories are so—inspiring—that you'll have difficulties to read only one from the beginning to the end, without starting to… ah, let's forget about this. Reducing Zack's comics just on the one thing would mean to ignore his fantastic drawing style and this arty, nostalgic look that makes us feel like little boys again. BIKE BOY really is something for the heart and the pants!

Goodreads review


I was not previously familiar with Zack's work. He strikes me as a modern Tom of Finland. His characters are unabashedly out for one thing: maximum pleasure with other guys in situations which have more to do with fantasy than reality and which are portrayed with erotically charged zest and brilliance. This is a world where to be gay and priapically proud is the norm. It is hard not to be captivated.

Booklover Joseph, Amazon


Due to the demise of publisher Bruno Gmünder Verlag, stock  of this title may be in short supply, but the individual stories are available as PDF files – see  the ZACK COMICS page.