Clint is a loner with an independent streak a mile wide. He trusts no one and hates anyone depending on him. Otherwise he’s just your average happy-go-lucky London rent-boy with few cares on his mind until he unwisely robs an unwary customer. When the cops scoop him up, Clint discovers that paying society its due for his petty theft carries a lethal price. The cell he wakes up in belongs to no common jail and he’s never heard of a prison where his fellow inmates are summarily executed for disobedience. If he’s ever to get out alive Clint must learn to trust and rely on others—and that’s the toughest challenge he’s ever faced.


240 pages, illustrated

Published August 2013

Praise for Boys of Blood and Lust


I completely loved Blood and Lust. It is so satisfying. Now this is the happily ever after story I’d been longing for—one with frenzied, out-of-control masculine love to last a lifetime. The story is a testosterone-filled, intelligent gay romance with an exciting plot. It is absolutely spectacular in characterization, description, and pacing. Blood and Lust is in my very short list of favorite gay romance books.

Lucas Lyons, Goodreads


If the villains are brutal, then the young guys forced to be gladiators, are hot, raunchy, hard as iron but with hearts of gold. Clint reams and creams his way to a magnificent climax.

Steve, Amazon


Think Gladiator and Spartacus mixed up together with the awful arena of `chav baiting` on the Jeremy Kyle Show and you have the elements of the book. And as such it asks a pertinent question in the process of reading; what happens to those who are on the fringes who are now normally despised and won`t be missed?


BloodAndLust Cover

Hot Illustrated Fiction from Zack and Roger M. Kean

© 2020 Zack / Oliver Frey

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