Second in the Boys of… series

The searing sequel to Boys of Vice City


Now life is cool for Gil and Mike, and horny sex-action on the side cements their love for each other. Hot backroom action, disco sex, cruising hot spots, and a porn-movie shoot are all part of Gil and Mike's adventures. But can the idyll last once Rosen turns up, bent on revenge? A wild trip to New York climaxes with a brutal showdown that threatens the lovers' future — and Gil's life. Can Mike summon the courage to sacrifice what he holds dearest?


ILLUSTRATED  208 pages

Paperback and ebook

Published July 7, 2012

Praise for Boys of Disco City

Zack's brilliant and explicitly erotic drawings add to the sexual excitement of a zesty story. It is rousing and arousing stuff: fun, fast-paced and deliciously lewd.

Joseph Book Lover


The writing is sophisticated and the illustrations are graphic and this combination allows the reader to walk through the scenes with quality writing and visual fascination. It is a solid match and an adventure story for those who enjoy a quick read from a bedside book.

Grady Harp


If you bought the first book you'll know what to expect in the sequel. The story is well told and filled with homo-erotic narrative but the real selling point for this book has to be the continuing outstanding artwork from Oliver 'Zack' Frey.



Due to the demise of publisher Bruno Gmünder Verlag, stock  of this title may be in short supply or selling for inflated prices via Amazon 3rd-party sellers. We have a limited edition of 2 copies signed by author and illustrator Zack for sale here. Click the appropriate territory to take you to PayPal (inclusive of posting).

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