Fourth in the "Boys of…" series


Reunited with Mike Smith in London, young American Gil Graham attempts to pursue his career in movies, while Mike has his own problems when teenage heartthrob movie star Nathan Cliffe turns his off-screen performance into an erotic dance for Mike’s heart… and something below his belt.


Against the frantic backdrop of London’s gay scene, Gil and Mike must confront the strains that ambition, work, and outright jealousy place on their hard-won love. Will they be up to the challenge or will the frenzy of temptation thrown in their winding path tear them apart forever?


ILLUSTRATED in paperback  192 pages 

Published Summer 2013

Zack is amazing and I really appreciate the art portraits that help keep the juices flowing. You are tied mentally and emotionally to the characters with the extra effort of art. Zack is amazing at using descriptors to keep your imagination at warp speed. I have read all his work and looking forward to more.



Roger Kean writes well-plotted stories that entertain and include the abundant gay sex required in a "Boys of..." book. Gay art icon Oliver Frey's artwork is the most expressive of any gay artist doing erotica.



On my screen it says "Boys of the Fast lane: A Gay Erotic Novel". They're not wrong. Mike and Gil, the hottest and cutest gay boys in contemporary fiction, are back together.



Due to the demise of publisher Bruno Gmünder Verlag, stock  of this title may be in short supply or selling for inflated prices via Amazon 3rd-party sellers.  However, the original is available here as a PDF edition CLICK HERE.

Hot Illustrated Fiction from Zack and Roger M. Kean

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