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Hot Illustrated Fiction from Zack and Roger M. Kean

Third in the "Boys of…" series

The steamy sequel to Boys of Vice City and Boys of Disco City.


Cruelly split to escape a deadly threat from Hollywood tycoon James Rosen, bitter Gil Graham and guilt-ridden Mike Smith are forced to rebuild their lives, continents apart. While Mike endures Rosen's vicious attentions in London, Gil chases solace in fleeting encounters in Los Angeles. Then fate frees Mike to pursue the dream of reuniting with his wronged buddy. If he can find him…


ILLUSTRATED  192 pages

Paperback and ebook

Published November 2012

Zack's illustrations are arousingly erotic and Mike and Gil continue to combine guileless charm with a deliciously unbridled lust for the hottest of sexual partners as they make their amorously adventurous way to an orgasmically satisfying renunion and reconciliation.



Zack gets it and all his work is excellent. This reading is part of a sequel that will keep you thinking and dreaming.



Due to the demise of publisher Bruno Gmünder Verlag, stock  of this title may be in short supply. We hope to have new editions available in due course, so keep an eye on this page for details.