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In the first of the "Boys of…" series

Gil Graham wants a job in movies, but when—in 1980—he meets James Rosen, one of Hollywood’s toughest movie producers, he gets more than he bargained for. The innocent young American is catapulted into the center of the intrigues of a horny crew shooting a movie in Rome.


In this fast-paced story sex-hungry guys abound, all wanting a share of the handsome newcomer. Gil soon discovers that he has what the hunky young film crew wants and soon he’s giving it to them every way they choose. But by the end Gil finds something more valuable than a career: true love.


ILLUSTRATED  176 pages 

ALSO AVAILABLE as an ebook

Published August 12, 2011

Praise for Boys of Vice City

“A delightfully homoerotic story of love and lust…

Amazon review


“The secret of the book’s success is that Gil is genuinely innocent as well as insatiably horny, his charm is captivating and the adventures arousing.

A classic.”   Amazon review


“The sense of sexual heat is palpable."

Author Brandon Fox


I love it!! The pictures are so well drawn and beautiful, I couldn't wait until the next one came along. Zack is a very talented man :)

Author Summer Michaels


© 2020 Zack / Oliver Frey

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