Gay Fiction from Roger M. Kean

Facilitator and felicitator, to have winsome young Felix step into a man's life is a transforming event: the course of destiny is altered. Emotions are unlocked, hidden longings are revealed, luck changes for the better… and sometimes for the worse. When Felix appears pleasurable fun and deserved pure, dreamed-of felicity or punishment ensue.


Over a span of thousands of years this enigmatic being’s random odyssey affects the lives of men attracted to his mesmerizing persona. Embark on an erotic journey through time.


From Ancient Sumer, Egypt and Rome through Renaissance Italy, modern Europe, Africa, and the Americas to the future above Earth, witness a kaleidoscope of human lives felixitated by this most enchanting being, named Felix.


340 pages

Published March 30, 2012

Praise for Felixitations

“This is a hauntingly beautiful novel of a soul who repeatedly reincarnates from generation to generation for thousands of years. The unique aspect of this soul is that it always comes back as the same person. How Felix works his magic on each generation is a wonderful thing to behold. I’m a writer myself, but I’m not so sure I could’ve weaved the multiple themes and characters together as Roger Kean has. It’s a memorable novel and one you will not regret purchasing and reading.”

Briget Agnello, Smashwords


“This is a mosaic novel, displaying a dazzling array of settings and styles. Several threads run through it and keep all the elements building toward a fascinating and compelling conclusion. Several things stood out as I savored this novel. There is a wealth of finely observed details, made all the more impressive by the diverse times and locations of the stories. The action scenes were truly outstanding, reminding me of the best adventure novels. Characters have very distinctive voices, and the writing style is brilliantly varied to reflect the time period of several stories. Descriptions are vivid. There is sex, but there is even more heart. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. It will linger in my memory.”

Brandon Fox, Author


“Strangely haunting, this unusually constructed novel leaves a trail of lasting impressions. Its many individual chapters careen through many timeframes and locations but are firmly connected by the ever-present Felix in his many guises, and subtly interwoven family and name connections create a mysterious sense of meaning which is difficult to shake off. Make no mistake, this is an entertaining gay read, but is more than the sum of its parts and therefore intensely satisfying. A read to remember.

Oliver Frey


“This is a stunning collection of stories that I highly recommend to anyone who enjoys beautiful, lyrical, challenging writing. Felix pops up all over history and shows men what it is to be with a soul mate and to accept who they are, and who they can be. I was overwhelmed by the first story which isn’t easy to read. However, once I was inside this palette of colours I couldn’t stop reading. Favorites include: The Western Front; The Nubian’s Boy; Alabaster in Waset; and A dog Called Sartre—the final story for sure... very cleverly written and it choked me up. It is, in places, a challenging read. This I think makes each one all the more rewarding when you finish. I would recommend this to anyone who likes to be challenged when they read. This is no M/M fluff piece—this is grown up writing.”

RJ Scott, Author

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