1884—Deep in the Sudanese deserts a crazed religious fanatic spawns violent bloodshed.


In Victorian England twins Edward and Richard enjoy their elite private school for boys, and the prospects of army commissions ahead. But then a woman’s greed tears them apart and destroys their comfortable world. Even though their love is forbidden, for Edward there is no other in his life but Richard, and for Richard a life without Edward is unbearable.Has fate determined that they must lead their lives apart?


As members of the British force engaged in a doomed bid to save heroic Gordon of Khartoum, besieged by the frenzied armies of the Mahdi, Edward and Richard, cruelly separated by events, and ignorant of the other’s presence, are thrown into their own desperate adventures as the conflict rages on around them…


One an officer, the other a lowly cavalry trumpeter, both find Muslim allies willing to risk all to see them through… Two lovers far from each other in a hostile world of enervating heat, unforgiving sand, rocky wastes, but also burning passions—will the young men overcome the ordeal of a life apart to achieve their dream of a destiny together?


378 pages Paperback and ebook

Published January 2013

Praise for A Life Apart


I" read A life Apart with awe at its perfection as a sexy historical novel. I wish there was a way to get the message out to readers that there is an author who writes intelligent, captivating books of the lives, loves, and riveting adventures of genuine gay men in remarkable circumstances.


A Life Apart is artfully ingenious and captivating. How is it that Roger Kean can put so much historical, geographical and societal detail into a book and still have every page be exciting? It impacts the heart and the mind with intelligent situations which is what all gay romance fiction should do. What a magnificent treasure he has created."

Goodreads review


"Every minute that real life took me away from this book I'd gnash my teeth for this is a piece of work to be savored at leisure without the indignity of interruption.


This is the epic tale of two very young men, Edward and Richard, who have such a deep affinity to each other that it transcends brotherhood, for they are true soul mates. A cruel act separates them and their adventure back towards each other sweeps from England to the vast deep deserts of Egypt. At the heart of this is a love story but the author weaves such a lush, intricate vision of the late 19th century world and especially northern Africa that we're given so much more than a mere romance. This is a work of gay literary fiction that, like Edward and Richard, transcends the romance genre to give us something lasting. Very highly recommended!"

Goodreads review


"A beautiful story, wonderfully crafted as always by Roger Kean. Confusion, heartache, treachery, and disappointment all overcome by love. Brilliant."

Author Casey Cox


A Life Apart has love, sex, violence, adventure, seashells, 1884 British military strategy, spitting camels, fuzzy wuzzies and yorkshire pudding. What more could you desire in a historical romance novel? Victorian England, teatime, elite boys school, dangerous back alleys, forts, army barracks, desert sands, emirs, soldiers, nubians, dervishes, perils, uncertainty, love, passion, sex, friendship, military camaraderie, thrilling battles, daring escapes, exotic locales, slavery, heroism, allegiance and always hope. Separated in war two lovers fear they will never see each other again but nothing will stop them from trying. It's a brilliant story of treachery and hate, loyalty and love.

Boyd Walker

Classic Gay Fiction from Roger M. Kean     Cover by Zack

First novel in the "Empire" series, featuring forbidden love in the Victorian British Empire


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