Golden Boy Trash – Unwanted and abandoned by his absent Mississippi River plantation-owning daddy, young Jeff got by as best he could in a torrid world of prostitution and vice where the whole neighborhood used him as a handy, cheap sex-toy.

Escape from poverty and exploitation was all he dreamed of. And then, out of the blue, came an airline ticket to distant Hawaii, where his wealthy daddy enjoyed a decadent high-life of unbridled lust. Was this his father finally showing him he cared…?

A false hope—all he found was chaos and more horny men after his delectable butt… until he met Mohammed—a man who seemed to appreciate him. But that was when his troubles really began. Twisted desires and murderous jealousy put his very life in jeopardy—could young Mississippi Hustler survive and find true love?

Roger Kean, writing as Rod Bellamy, forges a searing tale of gay life in Cold-War 1960s U.S.A.


320 pages, paperback and eBook

Published August 2014


This is the most fun I ever had reading erotica. It is more of a hybrid of gay fiction with a real plot and erotica with real sex. In this pulp fiction or gay fiction creation, Rod Bellamy adds some intellect to the old one-handed reading tradition.Not only is there a plot but after all Jeff goes through with his body being used as a rough-sex object by every guy from Mississippi to Maui there is finally a real romance and a love story that sizzles with sexual excitement. But there is more, Rod has also woven a complex plot into the Hawaiian paradise. With the help of an unusual geological formation, a thrilling though quite perilous ending brings everything and everyone together for a climax that might set Jeff down in the lap of luxury or give him a nasty fall depending on which way the wind blows.

Tom (C) – Goodreads


Mississippi Hustler is a lurid tour de force! Jeff, our hero, falls prey to the very plot device that made pulp action adventures so intoxicating- if the narrative slows or the plot stalls out pile the grief on the protagonist and Rod Bellamy never stops piling on the grief. If you think the character's had enough- the answer is to pile on even more grief. If the hero needs a breath of fresh air, a respite - that just means it is time to pile on some more grief. Mississippi Hustler is filled with chapter after chapter of unrelenting cum filled sex and nearly torturous hardship after hardship. The era of pulp fiction played with exploitation and cliche as a fast track to making a quick buck, the novel plays fast and loose with the conventions but never strays too far afield from the roots from which it sprung — making this book enormously enjoyable.

Rick Russell – Goodreads


I don't think I've read anything like it. I didn't know if I should laugh or cry. Laugh because how much misfortune can one character take, if it could go wrong it did. Cry because I loved Jeff and didn't want any of it to happen to him but that would have made this a completely different type of read and in my opinion it's perfect the way it is!

Monika – Goodreads


Due to the demise of publisher Bruno Gmünder Verlag, ther is no longer any stock  of this title, though some may be available at Amazon. A revised reprint is anticipated later in 2020/21

UK £14.95

EU £18.55

US/ROW £20.50

Hot Illustrated Fiction from Rod Bellamy and Roger M. Kean

© 2020 Zack / Oliver Frey

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