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Steamy Comic-strip Stories from Zack

For more than five years Oliver Frey/Zack prodcued pages of the adventures of his iconic comic hero Rogue for HIM International magazine. A great many of these were painted and published in black and white, but in this collection, he has colored them all up.


Paperback 96 pages. Published April 2011




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Anyone familiar with the artist Oliver 'Zack' Frey will know exactly what to expect from this homoerotic volume of storytelling and fantastic artwork. This volume, produced by Bruno Gmunder, reproduces a collection of stories featuring Zack's iconic character, Rogue. As an individual who finds himself in a number of situations leading to erotic encounters, the stories encapsulate the fantasies of the young gay man of the 80s who would loved to have found himself in a similar situation. The artwork is basically pen and ink and coloured with a waterwash which gives an excellent finish and the poses of the characters are reminiscent of fellow erotic artist, Tom of Finland, whose original artwork was similar to some degree but became more fine during the later pieces. Generally, the stories are two or three pages long but this is enough as it gives the reader the time to savour the artwork. Upcoming homo-erotic artists could learn a lot from Zack and Tom. Connoiseurs of homo-erotic art cannot go wrong with this latest volume of sexy adventures from Zack.

Bryan, Amazon


This is a great book as a collection because it shows in COLOUR the sexual adventures of Rogue. My only criticism, and disappointment, is that it is missing The Package Story board. Otherwise it is great to see all these previously, mainly black & white, stories collected together in one volume and now in colour. Also the foreword that it was all based on a real man and his recollections to the artist makes it even more enjoyable, as it is a cartoon biopic of sexual debauchery that almost jumps out of the page at the reader.

Kevin Bransbury-Jones, Amazon


These comics by Zack are totally mind-blowing! I remember many of them from the 1980s in Him magazine, but here they have been reworked in colour and the results are quite simply superb. The stories are highly inventive and about as erotic as you can imagine; the visuals and the narrative go together brilliantly. Let's hope Bruno Gmunder may publish other gay comics that would more than deserve such quality reproduction - say by Blade or Teddy of Paris, or Brad Parker? There are so many great things that deserve to be brought to a new and wider readership than they could reach in the past ... but Zack/Rogue is a brilliant start!

Schuman, Amazon