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Rome, AD108. What, or who is the mysterious Satyr

of Capri? Rare statue, man, or monster? Why do danger and death stalk all who are connected with the elusive secret?


New friends and lovers Quintus and Rufio are unwittingly embroiled in the quest for the truth. From the mansions of the rich to the teeming underbelly of the world’s mightiest city, braving the violence and tasting the sensuous pleasures thrown at them, the boys risk all to unravel the secret of the Satyr.


Plunge into the world of imperial Rome—debauchery and cruelty, envy and greed, grisly legends and disaster beneath the cliffs of Capri, undercover deals and urban gang warfare—for a rollercoaster ride bursting with sex and action.


Strait-laced patrician Quintus’s lofty worldview falls to Rufio’s carefree lifestyle, while Rufio revels in the dangerous, bloody adventure. Will their burgeoning relationship survive the inescapable lure of the Satyr of Capri?


Find out in this hot, illustrated sequel to Deadly Circus of Desire.


288 pages, illustrated, paperback and eBook

Published July 2015

Hot Illustrated Fiction from Zack and Roger M. Kean





Due to the demise of publisher Bruno Gmünder Verlag, stock  of this title may be in short supply. We hope to have new editions available in due course, so keep an eye on this page for details.