Tough, no-nonsense Eric Random, an English mercenary soldier on his way to Venice in 1527, encounters rough-and-tumble sex at every inn along the way. The randy roughneck never misses an opportunity for an erotic adventure: stable lads, tavern servers, and page boys all fall to his remorseless assault, only to be tossed aside as Eric moves on. And then something unexpected happens – This graphic portrait of degenerate, brawling, and licentious Renaissance Italy unfolds as a history that's never been taught in the classroom.


208 pages, illustrated, paperback and eBook

Published November 2013

Praise for The Warrior's Boy


Warrior`s Boy is a searing historical story of sex, war and the pursuit of love; set in the transfiguring landscape of Renaissance Italy, where these primal masculine urges were raised to high art. In these hothouse conditions of change, boys became men as soon as their loins stirred, or they possessed the strength enough to wield a weapon of steel. Eric Random is a youth of this time, forced to manhood by unhappy circumstance, physically hardened and tempered in preparation for bellicose statecraft, but laid low by his near blinding lust for his own sex, and forced out of necessity to leave his native England to seek a mercenary’s commission in the ever warring patchwork of the Italian peninsula. Roger Kean and Zack the Artist have again brought us a story written and illustrated to thrill the reader in words and pictures. A Warrior`s Boy is a story of unsung heroism and seeks to tell Eric and Raffael`s tale of how fortune throws these disparate boys a chance for love when they meet on their way to the canals and carnality of Venice.

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And love triumphs over lust. Well, not quite. Lust fuels the pages of Zack's latest tale as the delectable Raffael falls into the lascivious clutches of a lecherous Venetian tyrant and faces the threat of death, let alone several fates worse than death, on the way to the sacrificial altar. Riding, somewhat drunkenly, to the rescue is English mercenary, Eric. He and Raffael have locked eyes only briefly in passing, but each man is haunted by the memory of the other. Of course, on the way to finding each other and screwing happily ever after, both have lust filled gay adventures and misadventures. Text and drawings are a kind of Rabelais meets Hogarth medley of larger than life villains and sexier than you can imagine, cute heroes. Good does triumph over evil and Eric and Raffael ride each other into a gloriously erotic sunset.

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