Love, jealousy, rejection, violence, goal-scoring, duct tape, and explosive devices… just a part of daily life at Stockborough Rovers Football Club.


Billy Logan, star striker for the British Premier League football club, has everything a young man could want—except a life. And then handsome Spanish top-club player Adriano Márquez is signed to Stockborough and Billy’s life is turned upside down and every way around. It’s love at first sight, and amazingly it turns out to be the same for Adriano.


But given the nature of their profession, admitting to their love affair is not an option, until a spoiled contest winner forces the issue in a spectacular fashion and Billy has to save the day. But there is another lurking problem for the star-crossed lovers…


Bitter Tommy Horton idolizes Billy and has been stalking him. Fantasies of sex with the footballer grow in strength until he’s driven to declare his adoration but when he discovers Billy and Adriano’s love affair, Tommy goes off the rails and hatches a plot to get his revenge on both men—and he’s not planning a love pat… Oh hickory dickory dock, he’s not!


Published June 2013, 96 pages paperback/ eBook

Praise for What's A Boy Supposed to Do


What I love about Kean's books, is that they don't follow the normal route of the general m/m romance. The romance is there and so are the sexy love scenes that go hand in hand but then you also get something extra in the plot that I think makes them that bit different and in the case of What's A Boy Supposed To Do it's a fabulously creepy, barking mad stalker who talks about himself in the third person, a starring roll for Paddington Bear, a Tupperware box (can't say much more about that), A very informative court case, iPhones and a football match that personally I would be extremely relieved I didn't go to. All this and more happens in just 96 pages and I thought it was really entertaining.

Macky – Goodreads


Billy Logan is so sweet in a quiet shy kind of way. You would think with Adriano being Spanish would be a playboy and his reputation does look like he is one but that’s all for his public persona to keep hidden that he loves men. When these two first set eyes on each other it's love at first sight but they hide it from each other. It was fun to watch the two of them and frustrating at the same time. I kept thinking would one of them make a move already! The story has a dark side in Billy's stalke and while what happens is not likely to happen in real life it was a really good twist. Roger Kean is a gifted story teller I never have a problem visualizing his stories, they always play like a movie in my head as I read them.

Monika – Goodreads


What can I say about this gem of a little novel? First off I have to mention that the song "Disarm" which inspired the title is one of the two songs that started my interest in what would become one of my favorite bands. Kean does a brilliant job of meshing the music of Siamese Dream into the narrative without making it sappy or forced. The second thing I have to mention is that I was constantly aware while reading this book of a very different novel by Patricia Nell Warren, The Front Runner. I was terribly afraid that this one was going to head off in the same direction as that one. I kept telling myself that Kean would not have time to generate the same kind of emotional impact in so short a novel if it ended the same way. Well, I was both wrong and right and Kean fooled me right up to the last few pages. This delightfully engaging and quick read is a non-stop page-turner that hurtles you toward an ending that, if you've read Warren's novel of long distance runners, you might fear to reach. Roger, thank you for this wonderful story. And thank you for Making me never hear "Disarm" in quite the same way again.

Rick – Goodreads


Sports, mystery, adventure, and hot romance...what's not to like? I enjoyed this story a lot. Kean's style of writing from the perspective of three protagonists in the story while keeping the story going is effective. He writes about the passion between two men like no other. Loved it! Would love to read more about these characters and where their romance takes them.

Don Casto – Goodreads

Gay Fiction from Roger M. Kean     Cover by Zack


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