Rome, AD108. Friends and lovers Quintus and Rufio are whisked off to a tour of the exotic Nile in the entourage of Trajan. The Emperor has religious rites to perform… but mostly wants to plunder Egypt of its statues to adorn his building projects in Rome.

From the start, a conspiracy headed by the mystery figure called Seth threatens the tourists. But Seth is the god of the desert, of storms, and chaos, so who is the real person behind the impending disaster? It falls to strait-laced Quintus and rambunctious Rufio to discover the secret.

Can the two adventurers survive the dangers that lurk at every twist and turn of the great river not only for Trajan but those closest to the boys—Rufio’s mother Junilla, young brother Cato, brave Flaccus and the spy Septimius?

Kidnap, secret agents, deadly snakes, fire-spitting eels, famished crocodiles, and the hidden terrors of a long-dead pharaoh’s tomb make for an action-packed tale that sweeps Quintus and Rufio along in a whirlwind. Can they hope to survive the wrath of Seth?

Find out in the sequel to Deadly Circus of Desire and The Satyr of Capri.


320 pages, illustrated, paperback and eBook

Published June 2016


This book is past of a set of Zack novels. Again there is plenty of male to male sex but what makes Zacks novels different is that the sex is wrapped up in really good stories, not like the usual mind numbing porn that a lot of books fall into. There are the usual illustrations which leave little to the imagination. So if you hate male to male sex this is not the book for you. otherwise if you know the Zack market then this book will impress you.

Ralph ****


Hot Illustrated Fiction from Zack and Roger M. Kean

© 2020 Zack / Oliver Frey

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