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The Collected Works of Zack in one volume

Erotically charged, hotter than hell, sex on legs, Zack’s imagery has turned on and entertained fans for more than three decades. This lavish book presents a unique overview of Zack’s varied and enormous output of paintings and an opportunity to see what everyone’s talking about: Just a few of hundreds of comments culled from Internet reviews…


240 Paperback edition

Published August 12, 2011

“Zack has mastered anatomy and design. The action is exciting, fresh, imaginative, and drawn with beauty and extraordinary concision. From whatever angle he draws, Zack knows how to make those bodies, angles, and positions the most arousing.”


“Zack’s draftsmanship, color, and composition are all top notch, beautifully rendered, erotically charged, and he has a very clear, distinct narrative.”


“Zack has divine inspiration… a Da Vinci… Zack is the best… painterly flourish, movement,

strength, expressiveness, and very sexy.


The way it is put together is a real labour of love as well—divided into sections with headings like Boy Next Door, Heavy Intent and Over the Top, it also has a chapter of magazine covers, adverts and posters from the 70s to the 90s, as well as a biography, and every page is laid out differently, which makes it constantly fresh and exciting! The book is quite compact—about the size of a fiction hardback, perhaps a bit wider, and is quite sturdy, really very nicely produced, with a dust jacket ... altogether it is a must-have for fans of his work. Will life ever be the same again? ... it's that brilliant!

Schuman, Amazon


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"Zack is a gifted painter and this book selects some of his best work and treats them as the fine paintings they are. His ability to draw and to use color in both brilliant light and barely visible dark is a gift. Yes, this is erotic art and is basically aimed at a gay audience. But as art in and of itself it is especially excellent."

Grady Harp