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Rome 108 AD: A chance encounter at the Circus Maximus throws together two diverse young men. Streetwise Tullius Rufio and patrician Quintus Alba could not be more different, and they get off to a stormy start. An uncle’s greedy scheming propels Quintus into emperor Trajan’s intimate entourage of fun-loving young courtiers, while Rufio is busy with his antique-dealer mother’s varied enterprises and a promiscuous sex life in Rome’s murkier neighborhoods.


Elaborate plans for a state visit by a degenerate potentate from the east force the boys into uneasy partnership. Then a mystery killer strikes at the very heart of the imperial court and threatens to fatally disrupt events. Charioteers, senators and courtiers clash in this sexy saga of Ancient Rome, which turns from a circus of desire to youthful love.

320 pages paperback and eBook — Published January 2020


"Kean’s prose provides an exquisite expertise that informs a knowledge of daily roman life that defies description. The details of street food vendors, the layouts of and conduct within whorehouses, the interaction of slaves and freemen and the aristocracy, the minutiae that precedes the chariot races, all add scholarly authenticity to the lives of fictional character who interact with historical figures. While all this detail validates the environment, it never once detracts from the story of a budding romance between Rufio and Quintus. It is a joy to read a novel so steeped in history that does not shy away from offering a genuine and unapologetically gay love story." Goodreads review

Rome, AD108. What, or who is the mysterious Satyr of Capri? Rare statue, man, or monster? Why do danger and death stalk all who are connected with the elusive secret? New friends and lovers Quintus and Rufio are unwittingly embroiled in the quest for the truth. From the mansions of the rich to the teeming underbelly of the world’s mightiest city, braving the violence and tasting the sensuous pleasures thrown at them, the boys risk all to unravel the secret of the Satyr. Plunge into the world of imperial Rome—debauchery and cruelty, envy and greed, grisly legends and disaster beneath the cliffs of Capri, undercover deals and urban gang warfare—for a rollercoaster ride bursting with sex and action. Strait-laced patrician Quintus’s lofty worldview falls to Rufio’s carefree lifestyle, while Rufio revels in the dangerous, bloody adventure. Will their burgeoning relationship survive the inescapable lure of the Satyr of Capri? Find out in this hot sequel to Deadly Circus of Desire.

320 pages paperback and eBook – Published January 2020


Well, I have to say that I think I hate Zack! Seriously. I am so annoyed that this book was so much damn fun and so infuriatingly entertaining. So entertaining in fact that it was down right exhausting. I mean who does this enormous amount of research for a trashy erotic pulp novel about Imperial Rome? Kean does! And that makes this novel into a real treasure. There is a mystery that is so compelling it should be in some dark, hard-boiled crime thriller. Rick Russell —  I love Rufio and Quintus. Wild red head Rufio does every slave boy in the local brothel and screws everyone from the Emperor to the boy next door. Every once in a while he makes wild crazy love to his partner Quintus because they are so deeply in love—it's lifelong, committed love that will bring tears to the reader's eyes it's so tender of course it's an open relationship so they are so busy screwing every boy they see they hardly have time for each other :). Tom(C)

Rome, AD108. Friends and lovers Quintus and Rufio are whisked off to a tour of the exotic Nile in the entourage of Trajan. The Emperor has religious rites to perform… but mostly wants to plunder Egypt of its statues to adorn his building projects in Rome. From the start, a conspiracy headed by the mystery figure called Seth threatens the tourists. But Seth is the god of the desert, of storms, and chaos, so who is the real person behind the impending disaster? It falls to strait-laced Quintus and rambunctious Rufio to discover the secret. Can the two adventurers survive the dangers that lurk at every twist and turn of the great river not only for Trajan but those closest to the boys—Rufio’s mother Junilla, young brother Cato, brave Flaccus and the spy Septimius? Kidnap, secret agents, deadly snakes, fire-spitting eels, famished crocodiles, and the hidden terrors of a long-dead pharaoh’s tomb make for an action-packed tale that sweeps Quintus and Rufio along in a whirlwind. Can they hope to survive the wrath of Seth? Find out in the sequel to Deadly Circus of Desire and The Satyr of Capri.

320 pages paperback and eBook — Published June 2016


There is plenty of male to male sex but what makes these novels different is that the sex is wrapped up in really good stories, not like the usual mind numbing porn that a lot of books fall into. Ralph ****

Rome, AD 108: Rich and poor alike revel in the bloody thrills of gladiatorial combat staged in arenas across the empire. The entertainments are big business—and as ever, money attracts shady operators out for a quick buck. Safely back from emperor Trajan’s tour of his province of Egypt, friends and lovers Rufio and Quintus are plunged into the dangerously murky world of match-fixing when Quintus falls for a young gladiator on the rise, whom he is encouraged to sponsor—for Regulus is not all he seems… Juggling between his ever more complex sex life and his family business duties, Rufio fights to save Quintus, his only love, from the clutches of doomed infatuation, while coping with the fallout of his friend’s arranged marriage and the corrupt machinations within the World Gladiator Federation. Blood in the arena, tested love, naked ambition—all fuse into a twisting, hot tale of gay passion amid the splendor and squalor that is Rome at the apex of its power.

340 pages paperback and eBook — Published January 2020


Original publication was stifled by the demise of German publisher Bruno Gmünder.


Roger Kean writes like the rest of us breathe . . . effortlessly. Author Summer Michaels.