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"…as an artist of cult homo-eroticisim, he belongs among the other greats like Tom of Finland, Belasco, Patrick Fillion and Mark."



"His characters are unabashedly out for one thing: maximum pleasure with other guys in situations which have more to do with fantasy than reality and which are portrayed with erotically charged zest and brilliance."



"These are some of the most adorable guys ever committed to pen and ink… completely arousing. Zack's artwork is fantastic, and his knowledge of male anatomy is,er, inspiring."


"I was greeted by your package as I returned home from work this evening. This was a moment I had been anticipating for quite some time. I was not disappointed. Spectacular!!! Stunning!!! Magnificent!!!  Every time I look at it, I see something different and new.  Each part adds to the whole and a story is told in that one frame."


The paintings in Zack's collection were generally created between the late 1970s and the mid-1990s. Many are in black and white and have turned up on the Web as coloured versions, done by other people — fans mostly — but we are selling the originals, as they were first painted.


You can now buy direct via secure PayPal, choosing paintings from the  galleries in the original monochrome or colour. In keeping with the website's policy to avoid overtly explicit imagery some pictures have some areas suitably obscured. We are always happy to email an untramelled image. If you wish to see a low-res jpeg simply use the Contact Form and request the title and item number of interest.


Paintings are securely packed in a polybag between rigid plastic boards and despatched via insured international courier and accompanied by a signed certificate of authencity. Don't hang around — there's only one of everything!


To include shipping costs, there is a range of four prices for each piece, please select the price according to your territory and click to add to cart.

Or consider a signed limited edition art print from £28.

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