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Since the demise of Bruno Gmünder, most of the "Boys of…" novels have gone out of print. Unfortunately, we are not able to re-publish through KDP because the various print companies handling the work for Amazon have srict image guidelines. So we have decided to make the revised, updated editions  –  complete with Zack's fabulous erotic illustrations – available in PDF format.


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The Adventures of Gil Graham and Mike Smith – five novels in the series

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NUMBER 1 IN THE SERIES. Gil Graham wanted a job in movies, but when—in the year of 1980—he enters the offices of James Rosen, one of Hollywood’s toughest new-style movie producers, he gets more than he bargained for. The innocent young American is catapulted into the center of the intrigues of a horny crew shooting a movie in Rome. In this fast-paced story sex-hungry guys abound, all wanting a share of the handsome newcomer’s ass. Gil soon discovers that he has a lot of what the hunky young men working on the film want and before long he’s giving it to them every way they want it. The glamorous—and sometimes not so glamorous—movie business forms the backdrop to this carnal tale acted out in Rome’s sultry streets—Vice City where everything is for sale. But in meeting English sound guy Mike Smith, Gil finds something more valuable than a career: true love. 163 pages

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NUMBER 2 IN THE SERIES. In Boys of Vice City, American Gil Graham and his English boyfriend Mike Smith escaped movie mogul James Rosen’s evil clutches in Rome and fled to London. Now life is cool, and horny sex-action on the side only cements the boys’ love for each other. They have jobs at Pinewood film studios, a fine apartment in a London suburb, and hectic nights out at Paradise, Europe’s biggest gay disco.


Hot backroom action, cruising Hampstead Heath, gladiatorial combat, a collapsing Roman temple, a porn-movie shoot, and a wild trip to New York form the backdrop to the continuing adventures of Gil and Mike. But can the idyll last once Rosen turns up, bent on revenge? And in his sacrifice, can Mike find the courage he will need to save Gil’s life. 200 pages

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NUMBER 3 IN THE SERIES. Cruelly split to escape a deadly threat from Hollywood tycoon James Rosen, bitter Gil Graham and guilt-ridden Mike Smith are forced to rebuild their lives, continents apart. Only work and plenty of exciting but vicarious sex stop their loveless lives falling apart. How can either of them possibly cope without their lost friend and soulmate? While in London Mike endures Rosen’s vicious attentions, Gil chases solace in fleeting encounters in Venice Beach and Los Angeles.


Then fate strikes in a surprising way and suddenly Mike is free to pursue the dream of reuniting with his wronged buddy. If he can find him... Seemingly insurmountable obstacles face him in his desperate quest as he strives to make the boys of two cities lovers in one. 187 pages

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NUMBER 4 IN THE SERIES. Reunited with Mike Smith in London, Gil Graham attempts to pursue his career in movies, while Mike’s younger brother Will pursues Gil with all the guile and determination he possesses in abundance. Mike has his own problems when teenage heartthrob popster turned movie star Nathan Cliffe turns his off-screen performance into an erotic dance for Mike’s heart and something below his belt.


Against the frantic backdrop of London’s gay scene, Gil and Mike must overcome the strains that ambition, work, and outright jealousy place on their hard-won love. The climax comes in a car through the streets of London to bring the drug baddies to justice. Will Mike survive the horror of having Gil wreck his beloved Alfa Romeo Horny? All is revealed…honest! 235 pages

NUMBER 5 IN THE SERIES. Who was Mike Smith before he met Gil Graham...?


When Gil Graham first meets Mike Smith at Rome’s famous Cinecitta film studios in 1980 he knows Mike has a past. Their nemesis, movie mogul James Rosen, claimed to have picked Mike out of the gutter. So how did a privately educated student fall so low? Go back in time to 1975 and follow schoolboy Mike’s trail of discovery, perdition, and eventual redemption from London’s sordid Dillyboy trade. 243 pages

© 2020 Zack / Oliver Frey

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