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Since the demise of Bruno Gmünder, most of the "Boys of…" novels have gone out of print. Unfortunately, we are not able to re-publish through KDP because the various print companies handling the work for Amazon have srict image guidelines. So we have decided to make the revised, updated editions  –  complete with Zack's fabulous erotic illustrations – available in PDF format.


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FOUR STEAMY NOVELS , DIFFERENT THEMESwith illlustrations by Zack.

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© 2020 Zack / Oliver Frey

THE WARRIOR'S BOYSexual athlete Eric Random, an English mercenary on his way to Italy in 1527, enjoys rough and tumble sex at every inn on the road to Venice. Stable lads, tavern servers, and page boys fall to his remorseless assaults—until one boy, the innocent Raffael, stirs deeper emotions. As the randy roughneck plows through a rich pageant of decadence and lust fate throws him in and out of young Raffael’s path—ever more smitten. But with Raffael now a helpless, captive sex slave in the palazzo of the vilest noble in Venice, can Eric,s fighting skill save his longed-for love from certain death? Then, fortune smiles on his star-crossed love, in the form of Sandro, a young rent-boy with a heart of gold... Degenerate, brawling, and licentious Renaissance Italy comes to raw life in this sizzling illustrated tale of history as it was never taught in the classroom. 198 pages

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BLOOD AND LUSTBefore The Running Man, before Battle Royale, long before The Hunger Games, there was Blood and Lust... Clint, a loner who trusts no one, hates anyone depending on him is a happy-go-lucky London rent-boy until he robs an unwary customer. When the cops scoop him up, the cell he wakes up in belongs to no common jail and he’s never heard of a prison where his fellow inmates are summarily executed for disobedience. Clint learns he is now a part of TransGlobal Entertainment, a shadowy corporation which trains and forces its prisoners to fight other gladiators to the death for the pleasure of an elite with the money to pay for their favorite blood sport. Clint is soon fighting for his life, and in one destined to be brutal and short there is at least relief and comfort to be found in the arms of the men and boys of the arena. But if he’s ever to get out alive Clint must also learn to trust and rely on others_and that’s the toughest challenge he’s ever faced. 238 pages

RAW RECRUITSWhen Luke and Harry, young veterans of the hell in Afghanistan turned hustlers, are offered a small fortune to join a band of mercenaries by a stranger in a New York bar, they can’t refuse, and before they know it they are plunged into the adventure of their lives. The men, a crew of raw recruits, randy and ready for action, giving and taking with youthful lust, whatever their two tough and twisted leaders dish out! The objective: to fight Strom’s War and invade an island in the Caribbean. Raw Recruits catapults you into the scorching, sweaty, rough and tumble world of mercenaries. Men who like their men tough and hard. Men who enjoy sex to the hilt anytime, anywhere, anyhow! Live with them, love with them, see them in Zack’s searing illustrations—if you’re man enough! 185 pages

DESERT STUDSLust in the sun... When Ryan and Ethan decide on a backpacking expedition in the Arizona Desert, they want the trip to be tough, grueling, and hot. But what they encounter is heat of a different kind—rutting studs! Kidnapped on the desert sands, they are flown to a luxury hideaway and meet Ganbaatar, mastermind of sex and drugs, slave master over a stable of young studs trained to please every twisted perversion the wealthy can pay for... In this searing dream world of wild sex, where anything goes and no animal urge is denied, lust goes berserk in a prison with its own rules—can Ryan and Ethan take it? 190 pages

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