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In the late 1970s–early 1980s, Oliver Frey /Zack’s iconic gay hero ROGUE dominated the pages of British HIM Monthly magazine.

Now 30 steamy episodes are available in 6 separate PDFs

As with the JPEG and other comic pages, your ROGUE PDFs are sent as email attachments or via a secure transfer system. Depending on the time of your order through PayPal, delivery to your email inbox may take several hours as dispatches are made only during UK office hours. The ZACK-ART website operates on an "honesty" policy – we ask you to not share image files irresponsibly online.

© 2010–2019 Zack Frey

Prices are in GBP; the US $ equivalent shown below is for comparison only and reflects the exchange rate as of 16 July 2019. US costs may therefore be more or less than the shown comparison price.

£4.95 / US $6.17

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01-Rogue-Intro-4 01-Rogue-Intro-5 01-Rogue-Intro-3 HIM-Logo Rogue-Adventures-title

The original publication of Hot For Boys… is no longer in print since the demise of German gay publisher Bruno Gmünder verlag, but you can get all the stories right here!


(6 episodes, 16 pages): Don’t Fuck With Rogue • Rogue Goes Biking • Rogue Loves a Sailor • Rogue – Denizen of the Deep • Rogue on the Buses • Rogue Gets a Lift

03-Dream-1 02-Rogue-Space-1 02-Rogue-Space-2 02-Rogue-Space-5 03-Dream-3 03-Dream-4 04-Rock-Climbing-8-1 04-Rock-Climbing-8-7 04-Rock-Climbing-8-4 05-Arcade-1 05-Arcade-2 05-Arcade-3 06-New-Him-1 06-New-Him-3 06-New-Him-4


(5 episodes, 16 pages): Rogue in Deep Space 1 • Rogue in Deep Space 2 • Rogue in Deep Space 3 • Rogue Gets His Jim • Rogue Goes Cornholin’


(6 episodes, 16 pages): Rogue Goes Dracula • Get Jumpy with Rogue • Rogue at the Disco • Rogue Goes Roller Disco • Rogue Enjoys a Swiss Roll • Rogue – Mugger Fucker


(6 episodes,18 pages): Rogue Tools Up for a High Ride • Rogue in Rome #1 • Rogue in Rome #2 – Doing What Romans Do • Rogue in Rome #3 • Rogue Plays Ball With Some Lads • Rogue Off His Head


(5 episodes,18 pages): Rogue & the Arcade Pick-up • Rogue Pulls His Rod • Rogue in the Blue Dragoon • Rogue Gives His Tool a Sheik • Rogue in Sun Valley


(2 episodes,14 pages): Rogue Goes Top of the Bops • Mister Magazine’s Rogue Interview

© Oliver Frey / Zack 2019

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