When it was published as a hardback book in 2012 ZACK THE ART sold out and a second edition was printed. With the demise of publisher Bruno Gmünder the book went out of print. Only a few copies may be found online, often for hundreds of £££.


Now you can own a revised PDF edition. This version is the one Zack wanted, carrying captions for the pictures which were got rid of by Gmünder. It is presented as two-page spreads, 248 pages.


All territories same price of £24.95 to purchase through secure PayPal. Because of the file size, PDFs  are sent via secure, which emails a notification to download the file (deleted after 5 days). To purchase, click the cover image.


Please note, we are a small operation and can only satisfy orders during UK office hours,

though every attempt will be made outside those times when possible.

© 2020 Zack / Oliver Frey

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Erotically charged, hotter than hell, sex on legs, Zack’s imagery has turned on and entertained fans for more than three decades. This lavish book presents a unique overview of Zack’s varied and enormous output of paintings and an opportunity to see what everyone’s talking about: Just three of hundreds of comments culled from Internet reviews speak volumes. . . 


“Zack has mastered anatomy and design. The action is exciting, fresh, imaginative, and drawn with beauty and extraordinary concision. From whatever angle he draws, Zack knows how to make those bodies, angles, and positions the most arousing.”


“Zack’s draftsmanship, colour, and composition are all top notch, beautifully rendered, erotically

charged, and he has a very clear, distinct narrative.”


“Zack has divine inspiration . . . a Da Vinci . . . Zack is the best . . .painterly flourish, movement, strength, expressiveness, and very sexy.


What more could you want?”